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.: Locksmith Home Schooling -- a starting point to a fantastic career!

By accessing this web site, you may have just changed your life for the better.  This site will introduce you to dozens of home schooling methods and materials, as well as training aids and tools, that will quickly launch you onward and upward in one of the most rewarding careers imaginable . . . especially if you are strongly motivated and of independent mind.

It is a fact that locksmiths who work for themselves, and maintain a sole proprietorship operation stand to profit more quickly and with less hassle than those who seek to head up a large operation.  This is not to say that the latter is a dead end -- not by a long shot.  It is to encourage the vast majority of modern entrepreneurs who do not necessarily like the idea of dealing with huge numbers, particularly at the outset. Locksmith Home Schooling was created to give such people as yourself guidance and inspiration, and a source for the basic tools and training aids you will be needing.

As a sole-propreitor, the profits made from some of the easiest work known to man are the owner's and the owner's alone, save the rightful amount that must go toward taxes and business operation costs.  It is a richly rewarding life-style to say the least.

Locksmith Home Schooling web site recommends the high quality training aids that can be found at (Lock Picker's Mall).

Locksmith Home Schooling begins with obtaining the following rudimentary items:

For those who wish to expand into the field of AUTOMOTIVE LOCKSMITHING, we recommend the following additional items:

  • At least a 'starting kit' of CAR OPENING TOOLS -- preferrably one that will allow opening of current models.
  • A good car opening manual is almost a necessity due to the very complex anti-theft systems now being employed even in medium priced models.

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